Week 1 Assignment EDUC-6115

Hello and Welcome to my very first Blog post! This week I critiqued three instructional design Blogs and will now report about these blogs.

  1. Learning Snippets: Learning Snippets is an outstanding blog. The first time I took a look at it I was instantly interested by what the author had to say for two reasons. The first reason is that he created this blog to help out others like me who are just starting in Instructional Design.  The most recent post give a detailed list of resources the fellow ID individuals can use to improve their work.  I find this to be a great help because as I start my work in ID I already have a long list of resources to help me when problems arrive.  The second reason I was interested in this blog is that the blogger talks about and recently completed a MOOC or Massive Open Online Class about gamification. This is an area of ID that is trying to match motivational pull of video games and apply that to learning. I find this to be a very intelligent idea and want to learn as much as I can on this technique. I find this blog to be overall great and interesting.
  2. Kevin Forgard: Instructional Designer:  This blog is right down my alley. I currently work for a community college and this blog relates exactly to this subject. Kevin’s blog is about how to use different forms of technology and ID at a community college. He discusses interesting topics such as if community colleges should use MOOCs or not. He researches different subjects and then explains his finding for the reader to discern their own opinion. I find this blog to be very helpful to me in the future because I plan on working in community college and can use this blog to help me with any design questions. I also feel that as a practitioner in a community college I will be able to provide useful information for the author about how my college uses ID.
  3. Idt2me: Last but not least is idt2me. This blog examines the author’s different assignments for his Walden University classes as well as personal pieces about his coping with being an ID. I enjoy this blog because it first of all shows me what I need to expect from the degree program that I am in. Secondly, it gives me a view of what my career may look like when graduating. I want to stay in education once I graduate with a degree in ID and this blog explains the joys and sorrows of working in the educational field. I will use this blog as I continue in my degree program to get ideas or a better understand of how someone else may have completed a project. I feel this will be a great help when and if I arrive at a point in a class where I do not understand the assignment.  

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