Instructional Module (EIDT 6110)

My first object I created for my portfolio was this Instructional Module for my EIDT-6110 course. The project I created was a training to introduce students to the Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard. The ADDIE model was used in the creation of this training. This project actually started in the previous class, EIDT-6100, as a group project and continued in EIDT-6110 where I completed the project design, implemented the module, and evaluated its effectiveness with actual learners. This module was intended for adult learners who had just enrolled in college and needed to learn how to use the schools LMS. The training was created as a self-paced online training due to the fact that many non-traditional students have busy schedules with work and home life. The ultimate result was a training that successfully taught students how to use Blackboard at a rate the student chose.

Please use the links below to view each document:

Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan and Facilitator Guide

Walden student handout

Evaluation Plan

Implementation and Evaluation Report


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